Posted by: didyouseethis | May 14, 2007

Who says there’s no good news?

This post is straight from Aussie Chic, a Tanker Sister and a woman with a mission. A_C takes her support of the Troops (all the Troops from all the Coalition countries) very seriously. She asked me to post this to see how many people we can get involved. After reading Dan’s story and looking through his photo galleries…how can you not want to help? Read on…

America Loves Iraqi’s

Often, when the Left, the Anti Everything Crowds and the Terrorists Supporters start trying to dazzle the rest of us with their BS we lose sight of the progress being made in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. This is sad and very, very wrong. It is an obvious ploy on their part, just another cog in a well oiled propaganda machine.

So when I come across people like Daniel, it reminds me of what the Soldiers are fighting for. Here is some of Daniels story…

Back in November 2004 I deployed to Iraq as a member of the Utah National Guard to support Operation Iraqi Freedom serving on a document translation team in Baghdad. I spent one year translating documents, going on raids, and interpreting as needed, to fight the terrorists and try to bring some long-desired peace to the Iraqis. I finished the year and wondered what all the hard work had accomplished. I had learned a lot and had enjoyed many once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but not much changed in Iraq. I went home for the holidays and two months later decided to come back as a civilian linguist for another year. I have now been here over two years supporting the operations.Eight months ago I came across a different way to fight terrorism and bring some sort of happiness to at least a part of the Iraqi population. I had the opportunity to visit a medical clinic (run by the U.S.) that serves certain areas of Baghdad. Every week a number of Iraqi families are allowed to enter the base and receive basic medical screenings to see if they require further treatment. Two of my friends (Rich and Rene) and I started going to this clinic once a week to pass out things our friends and families had sent us from back home, and to entertain the children while they waited for their appointments with the doctors. After a while I realized that out of all the things I have done in Iraq to combat terrorism and help the Iraqi people, this was at the top of the list. Not only does my Arabic improve each time I visit with the families, but these wonderful children, mothers, and fathers get to see the “American Muscle” being used in a different way.

Please take the time to visit Daniels site, America Loves Iraqi’s

I look at these pictures and I see hope. I see hope for the people of Iraq and I know there are similar things happening in Afghanistan. These Iraqi’s are not afraid of the American Soldiers and that is such a beautiful thing to see. Over time, the Soldiers and the Innocent Iraqi Civillians have built a trust and friendship that is evident in these photos. I have spoken to another Soldier involved in this project and I know how much he enjoys these interactions at the Centre.

But Daniel, the staff of the Centre and the Iraqi people need OUR help now. On the site you will see a list of things that the Centre needs donated. I am asking all of you to consider helping Daniel with these requests. It is such an easy way to make such a significant difference. If you can’t donate goods you can still help. Encourage others to read this post, link to it, copy and paste it, whatever you have to do to get the word out. The more people who read this, the better the chance of assistance.

All of you have the power to make a difference here!!

This is what we are all working towards, this is what the negators DON’T want you to see. How you and the Soldiers can make a difference. All of us working cohesively CAN help the Iraqi people. They are the innocents who have survived unspeakable horrors, living each day in a war zone and still, they mix freely and comfortably with the Americans at the centre. This shows that they do not all hate the Coalition and that there is a very valid reason for us to be there.

So come on everyone, let’s all get on board here!!

Thanks to Aussie_Chic.

Love, Mom


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