Posted by: didyouseethis | May 6, 2007

When Soldiers Speak…

…we need to listen. Thanks to Aussie Chic for the heads up.

Taken from SSG Lomen, Alpha Company, 2nd Platoon, 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry, 10th Mountain Division as taken from SSG Lomen:

“Those of you who know me and know me well know that leaving blogs, or forwards or anything of that nature is not my style. But over the past week Ive seen some things that can not go untold.

As you all know I am a squad leader, currently serving in Afghanistan. Been here for 6 months now, but this is by no means my first combat tour. In a span of 3 days, I saw 4 soldiers fight, and loose their lives in combat.

A lot of people like to say that they were fighting for their country. While I agree with that, there is also more to it than that. People always seem to overlook the rest of that statement. These soldiers died so that their brothers next to them could live. At the time of their deaths they were not thinking that they are helping a nation fight terrorism, rather they died knowing that they were protecting the rest of us who fought beside them. One man died reloading one of our heavy weapon systems. He knew that the operation of that weapon was vital to the safety of the rest of the platoon. At that moment, self sacrifice was what protected the other 4 soldiers within his vehicle. His actions and the other soldiers who died as well will never be forgotten. A brother is not someone who shares a father with you because we all share the same father anyways, rather its someone who is always there for you in your times of need, as well as your times of joy.

The quote is from one of our fallen comrades. He paid the ultimate sacrifice so that he could be there in OUR time of need. The reason I am telling you all this, is because I am angry. If I were to go home to the United States and pick one random person and say that I just returned home from fighting a war in Afghanistan, what do you think his reaction would be? I am willing to bet his reaction would be this. That he would ask, We still have soldiers in Afghanistan?

We are still fighting the terrorist who inhabit this poor region. Afghanistan seems to be the forgotten war. The people of the United States dont understand that people are still fighting and dieing in the mountains, roads, streets and cities of Afghanistan. I dont know when this transition happened, but people need to be reminded of our actions over here. Iraq seems to be all that fill the minds of our citizens. Please dont take this the wrong way, I am not trying to take away from the good that our soldiers in Iraq are doing. I just believe that our forgotten soldiers in the mountains of Afghanistan, and the soldiers who die along with them deserve some respect as well.

While the casualties in Afghanistan are lower then Iraq, consider this fact. The number of troops in Iraq number roughly around 125,000 while the number of troops in Afghanistan number only around 20, 000. Thats why the death toll between the two war zones seems so drastically different. I have fought the enemy in both countries, been shot at and blown up more times then I can count. And I can tell you this. The enemy we face in Afghanistan is a much greater and more determined enemy. They are better trained and know how to fight. They have been doing it for hundreds of years.

In closing, over the past few weeks, we have encountered some very serious resistance. My platoon alone has lost two of their brothers and had 7 wounded, all of whom were evacuated to echelons of medical care far away from our current position. While I weep for the ones who have lost their lives, I am also concerned for those who are trying to heal. Some may never walk again, others will be permanently disfigured, and all have some trying times ahead of them. Those are the people I am asking you all to pray for. That they have a speedy and healthy recovery. I can say this though, I am happy that they are at least out of harms way. This is my charge to all of you. We need to spread the word of the soldiers who are still fighting in Afghanistan. Our soldiers here depend on the support of our loved ones back home. Please copy and paste this to your profiles. Tell everyone you know of the trying times our brothers are facing. Tell everyone of the heroism of the soldiers who lost their lives and of the soldiers who are fighting to recover what they have read About.”

I just don’t understand how so many people can take for granted what our military does every day.  These men and women are truly our best and brightest.  I can understand disagreeing with the President (though not the out and out hatred), or with policy.  I cannot understand  ignoring the people that stand between ourselves and those who have clearly stated they want the end of America.  I am eternally grateful to them for the sacrifices they make.

Love, Mom



  1. Breaks my heart that they feel so abandoned. Breaks my heart that Americans are too lazy and apathetic to pay attention to these Warriors who are fighting and dying for us every single day! We can kinda blame the MSM, but you and I make an effort to find out more, why don’t others? God bless them all – they have the gratitude of me and mine!!

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