Posted by: didyouseethis | April 25, 2007




Today is ANZAC Day. My friend Aussie Chic has a post at Tanker Brothers that explains it from the heart of an Australian. My father was an Army Amphibian in World War II. His unit worked side by side with the Diggers and he had nothing but praise for them. 62 years later, I am pleased to have an Australian friend…who has the same love and admiration for her Diggers that I have for our Soldier’s. They are our allies…they are all our own.








  1. Yes! Those Diggers are wonderful.

    As I wonder thru the net this morning checking out some Aussie blogs, I can’t help thinking “Why do so many Americans hate America?”

    The Aussies can teach alot of us lessions in patriotism and pride. They all seem to be proud of their country and are not afraid (do they have PC in Oz?) to voice their love of country.

  2. Yeah, I explained about the PC right??

    Our idea of PC is trying to hold off on the swear words when we say whatever we damm well please!!

    No one should ever be afraid to stand up for what they believe in, even if that makes them a Dumbass Leftist. It isn’t true that they can say what they like and we can’t, those idiots just scream louder. So what can we do?? SCREAM BACK!!!

    Thanks Maryann for honouring our Diggers. God knows Australia has no greater love than that we hold for our Service Personnel. ANZAC Day is my fav holiday, bar none.

    It’s a day that is ours and ours alone, the only gift we give and recieve is pride. Better than Xmas any day!!

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