Posted by: didyouseethis | April 11, 2007

Coffee’s On!

Welcome to my kitchen. More accurately, welcome to my fridge. As in most homes, the fridge in our house is a jumble of photos, notes, magnets, newspaper and magazine clippings, appointment reminders and…depending on the time of the year…birthday and/or Christmas wish lists.

Now, I think I should explain that not only is the fridge (all 3 sides) usually covered in life’s miscellany, but there are also two bulletin boards. A collage hierarchy so to speak. Most things start out on the fridge. The day comes when I can’t stand it anymore and decide to straighten it out. Some stuff will be pitched. The great majority though goes to one of the bulletin boards. When they become completely out of control…or someone comments on how long a particular item has been there…usually because it’s edges are getting dusty…the final culling takes place. Sooner or later most things finally are tossed. But there are some, for a host of reasons, I just can’t part with. They go into a folder. I think the folder could be called the family permanent record.

I have a blog at Townhall. Most of the Townhall blogs are strictly political in nature. I learn a lot reading them. But I’ve had the feeling that much of what I post, or want to post, isn’t quite what Townhall is about. Last week I came across a post at American Digest that blew me away. It was titled, In My Mother’s Small House Are Mansions of Memory. Mansions of Memory. Isn’t that a great phrase? Gerard Van der Leun writes about the bulletin board his mother keeps in her apartment. Pieces of her life, her family’s life. That got me thinking about my fridge…and the bulletin boards.

So, while I think I will keep the Townhall blog…I decided to start this, my virtual fridge. I’ll put the coffee on, let’s look at some of the stuff on the fridge.

My friend, SCEagle, came up with the title. He pointed out that most fridge notes are signed that way….so let me say thanks for coming by…

Love, Mom




  1. I like the idea… fridges are often the communications hub of a modern American family. And so we have the modern American internet family – with a brand spanking new fridge to see what Mom wants us to know and to keep for posterity.

    Just one question… where’s the water dispenser?

  2. Water dispenser? It’s called a faucet…about 3 feet to the right of the fridge…help yourself. 🙂

  3. Faucet?? Is that like a tap??


    YEAY, a blog I can comment on!!

  4. A-C, yep…same thing.

  5. Mary Ann

    I LOVE it! It’s perfect. Will bookmark this one right away — consider yourself added to the blogroll too.


    Radio Patriot

  6. You’re full of surprises, MA. You and SCeagle are good plotters, er… collaborators. I’ll have a big mug, please, with just a little cream, no sugar.

    I’ll be back, of course.

  7. How wonderful!! Coffee!!!!!
    Hmmmm, I have a fridge like that. lol

    Bookmarking in progress….

  8. Got a little teary on that one, M*A! Moms and mansions of memories all at once just got me!

    We really have to get together soon! Whatcha doin’ Monday?

  9. Thanks Andrea.

    Miss B. Nice to know I can still surprise. Cookie with your coffee?

    Yankeemom, cream and sugar?

    Anna, RVF on Monday…so Arabica is good.

  10. A cookie is good – cookies are better…’speshly if they’re chocolate!

  11. I’m for it. What ya got?

  12. […] Oh, and if you haven’t checked out M*A’s new blog, you really should because it’s great! Love, Mom (Notes from the Fridge). Check out the first post to get the background on the blog name: “Coffee’s On”. […]

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